Our mission is to advance equity for womxn in our community through advocacy, education, and philanthropy. Each year we bring hundreds of university womxn together for a weekend dedicated to exploring tech, professional growth, and having fun all while bridging the gender gap. 

Since 1990, not only has the percentage of female computing professionals dropped from 35% to 25% in 2018, but also the percentage of women graduating with a computer science degree continues to decline. We seek to change this percentage, to diversify the playing field, and to help womxn begin their journey in this exciting career. 

We aim to support and nurture womxn of all backgrounds by helping them use Womxn/Hacks as an opportunity yo explore tech and develop their current computing skills. With tech talks and workshops designed for people of all levels, we are opening the field of computer science to all womxn, whether they have been coding since birth or have never seen a line of code...

... because empowered womxn, empower womxn.